Welcome to Karen's Café!

  As a little girl, I was always captivated by creatively designed desserts. I was in awe of how a dessert could be so beautiful on the outside and taste so scrumptiously delicious. As I grew up, my love for sweets became a passion. I started testing out recipes on friends and eventually my passion grew into something more; a desire to produce not only beautifully decorated desserts, but ones that actually tasted, well amazing.

  Don’t you just love that first bite of a cupcake? The way the icing and cake harmoniously combine in sweet yumminess. Not only do I love the taste but I love watching people as they take their first bite of that cupcake.  All the flavours and textures satisfying their ultimate craving!

  That’s what Karen’s Café is all about. Satisfying a customer’s desire to have the perfect look and taste in their chosen dessert. I know that after their first bite my customers will crave more which is why I use quality ingredients in everything I bake.  The cocoa powder comes from France; the chocolate is Belgian and I only use Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extract.    Want something unique?  Let me know and we can work together to come up with a truly special creation.


WITH love